Weight Loss Society (PTY) LTD offers a full refund to all clients that purchase and use Weight Loss Society Combo’s. As per any refund clause there are certain conditions. The Client needs to follow these simple steps in order to claim:

  1. Use either the Active Combo or Carbo Blocker Combo.
  2. Drink minimum 1 liter water per 30kg you weigh.
  3.  Keep packaging after use- for proof of purchase.
  4. Have receipt of purchase for refund.
  5. Insure your claim is lodged within 45 days of purchase.

These terms and conditions are binding to each customer; no exceptions will be made. When purchasing the WLS Combo’s- clients automatically qualify for the refund but also agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above. No retailers will be held responsible for the refunds. All queries and comments must be submitted to WLS. WLS also hold the right to refuse any application if there is any suspicion dishonesty or negligence. WLS also holds the right to cancel the full money back guarantee at any time of its incorporation. By using WLS Combo’s the client undertakes that Slender ME is not responsible for any health issues that may arise and takes the product with full understanding hereof.

To register for the refund please download our App on the Google Play Store or Apples App Store and refer on the App to register your refund. If you wish to make a claim- please process your claim also through the App. No refund registrations or Applications will be handled via email or telephonic communication- unless the App is not in working order. Please follow outlined terms to ensure you keep your validity of the claim.

We are not an authorized insurer and we do not represent ourselves as such, any misconception is at an own basis, and Weight Loss Society does not carry the responsibility of such.