Weight Loss FAST? Becoming a TREND! Whats SAFE?

We have so many clients dashing to our Facebook pages and writing us emails every week and asking for our opinion and recommendation of “Weight Loss Fast”. So we thought we would like to break this subject down for the general public and get straight to the point, whether it is healthy, what is the best process to do this, and what do you need to know!

First, is it healthy?

Well we would like to think that loosing excess amounts of weight fast is good for our health, and however needless to think of the complications that is can cause with general health and wellbeing. We however don’t encourage it with any of our members, but have seen some results like Gugu Mazibuko from JHB that lost 11kg in 3 weeks. Never was not intentional on her part to get such results, but after the excessive weight loss she found her weight loss plateauing at 3 – 4kg’s per month. Weight loss program that she was on was call the Weight Loss Society Active Combo.

This mean what for you the weight loss seeking trooper?

Well losing weight to quickly will cause you to have excess skin on the body. Ever wondered why so many people have sagging skin when they lost their weight, well now you know. This is why you must never try weight loss fast.

What is the best process to follow when trying to lose weight fast? WATER, WATER, WATER. This magical thing that we have on mother earth will not only help you lose weight but also keep healthy. Water is the fundamental element to your skins elasticity! Elasticity, the thing standing between you and a fit new body, a body we will help you achieve!

Now that you know the secret to keeping your body in tip top shape and a weight loss program that works for you- let’s get into what is the best weight loss fast program we can recommend for you!


1 x Ultimate Weight Loss Combo

(Your Weight / 30) = Amount of water in Litres you need to drink

3 – 5 times weekly walks, gym, sporting activity

Healthy balanced lifestyle – Eating 5 to 6 times daily (Smaller portions, healthier choices)

If you have any queries on losing weight fast, or on the weight loss program that will work for you- contact us directly on [email protected]

Till next time

WLS Team xx


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