Keto diet? Getting your body in Ketosis!

Walk with us on this journey of self-discovery. Where we delve into what makes the Keto Diet so unique, so great, and probably the one thing that is going to save your life!

After ample amounts of research, we want to narrow down the specifics for you and make it easily assessable for you to master this tried and tested, perfected formula at success. This is a journey we are going to walk together and build on together. At Weight Loss Society we don’t just believe in a pill will fix it all, your lifestyle is the most important part of all this. The only way to lose it all and keep it off, forever! Let’s get your body into ketosis!

So what is the keto diet? Where does it come from and why is it so wildly successful?

The year was 1921, Rollin Woodyatt- endocrinologist, found that through starvation and a high fat low carbohydrate diet you can produce 3 water soluble compounds acetone, β-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate. Together they are referred to as keytone bodies. This was then used to for the Ketogenic diet- by Russel Wilder, that aided people with epilepsy.

So why is the keto diet so successful with weight loss? Well mostly because it helps us put our body into a state ketosis, where the main energy is coming from keytone bodies and not glucose levels. Many people that use the keto diet found that they are able to think more clearly, work harder in more stringent situations, and most of all handle stress easier.

So what is this magical diet consisting of? Simple. Very little carbohydrate. Well if it was actually that simple would everyone that has cut out carbs still be so over weight? Guess not.

Here out little guide to getting onto a keto diet.

All vegetables that are grown above ground have a carbs rate of 1 – 5.

Eggs and cheese have a carbs rate of 1.

Fish and seafood have carbs rate of 0.

Meats have a carbs rate of 0.

Natural fats have a carbs rate of 0. (Butter, olive oil, coconut oil…)

So what should you not be eating? + (Their carb rate)

Fruit (7-20), Potatoes (17), Pasta (29), Bread (46), Chocolate (60), Donut (49), Rice (28)

So what do you drink on a Keto Diet? + (Their carb rate)

Water (0), Water with lemon (0), Tea (0) (every sugar adds 4 grams), Coffee (0) (adding milk adds about 1-3 grams of carbs), Diet soft drink (0) (artificial sweeteners have other problems though), Wine (2) (150ml)

Okay, great, now we have a bunch of numbers but we can’t do anything with them. Well, now that we have simplified what amount of carbs our daily diets involve, let’s break it down for you, we don’t want more than 20 points per day. The closer we stay to 0 is the closer we stay on the track.

We are going to be posting more tip on the keto diet, with weekly cost effective meal plans.

This is going to be a little easier now that we have geared ourselves with the right information, information that we can use to keep of the weight after we lost it. So what is our recommendation here at Weight Loss Society for you if you embarking on a Carb free lifestyle? Get yourself so of the Carbo Ban, it will help you break down carbohydrate and make sure the body doesn’t change them into glucose and store it as fat. You heard right. Finally, a product that can help you block those excess carbs that you always craving for.

So now that we have helped you, with the simple methods to kicking your body into ketosis, with this amazing keto diet, we would like to ask you to join the 30 day WLS Keto Challenge. For the next 30 days we challenge you to do what is the most difficult, in the most stringent of situations, to give this diet a try, to change your life and if you think you can’t manage with carb loading some dates, we recommend you get some Carbo Ban to see you through the tough time- with free shipping anywhere in South Africa!

Let’s kick your body into Ketosis together xx

WLS Team


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