Since we never signed an NDA with any HERBALIFE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR, and we think we should delve deep into what makes Herbalife so successful, or is it actually successful?

When we first approached Herbalife Independent Distributor (HID) in Cape Town, South Africa, regards to becoming a “Herbalife Independent Distributor” we started focusing on what is the earning potential. We agree, business should be profitable! But when you able to start at a 25% commission rate for your HERBALIFE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR and when they then reach the next level, offer a 50% commission. Then we notice that you still getting up to 5% commission on your downline- and this goes levels and levels deep. So how is the commission paid to you? Not directly. Oh no! they decide that it is just your discount on purchase. A company is giving 50% of their revenue away to the HERBALIFE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR levels and even more on other conditions being met within their structure.

Question of reason, if you own a company and sell products to the public at 50% of the actual retail value you established for it, to pay them- doesn’t it feel like you taking money from people as a HERBALIFE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR for something that is overpriced and overvalued?

Now taking their values and ideas to a healthier lifestyle, wouldn’t you want to think that protein powder is readily available in all major pharmaceutical chain stores, such as Clicks, Dis-chem and Alpha Pharm. You can buy your own protein powder, that is flavoured for R80 to R100 per 400g. These house brands is perfectly in the same category as any Herbalife product, but don’t affect your cash flow or saving account.

Herbalife Protein Formula = R341+

Clicks House Brand Purified Protein = R 130/500g


As a company that boasts supporting the South African economy, our view is that Herbalife is not benefiting the South African economy, they leaving South Africans with excess product that they paying for before the time and not getting sold. We going to go more in depth with the way Herbalife conducts their business and why the United States Federal Trade Commission fined them $200mil and forced them to change the way they do business to avoid being labelled a pyramid scheme.

This is a sure story not to be missed! Stay tuned!

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