We built the foundation of our business model around helping the community and not around profit. We, the business and its members stand together in unity to help our deliver new innovative way of success. Our pride is measured in our results- see our testimonials for more about that. For a company that stocks over 150 Outlets in South Africa and has been listed in the Government Gazette for 2016/17 years, our platform for credibility extends tremendously far- with not only our clients, but also respected partners. We thank you for investing the time and effort into such prevalent part of your life, and we hope to become a part of it!


Again we have to stress the extreme importance of removing toxic waste from the system to achieve permanent weight loss. The removal of toxins is the most important goal to maintain permanent weight loss. Detoxification is cleansing and is key to weight loss and good health! The elimination of toxic wastes can be uncomfortable as it will stir up accumulated toxic waste creating gas and bloat which should pass in forty eight hours. You may have headaches, or body aches. You may also experience loosening of the stools or runny stools. This is positive as it is beneficial to the elimination process. You may also experience nausea as the toxins are being stirred up in the body. There may also be a discharge from the nasal passages – this is not a cold but the body getting rid of toxins! All this will pass as the body gets rid of the toxins and the Cause of the problem is being eliminated. This cleansing process will help you to return to proper Health! Total elimination of all toxicity from your body can take months or years as we are surrounded by toxins on a daily basis. Within days you will be losing weight and have an increase in energy. If you are one of many that does not experience any discomfort, then that is great!

By making use of the tools we are going to give you, you are going to lose weight and keep if off while getting your health back. Remember, life is not a diet! And we are only going to help you to improve some of your habits. This is a fun way to experience the vibrant good looking body that you know will be yours. Remember that you can eat and also eat well.


Protein is one of the most complex of all food elements and it absorption is also one of the most complicated. When eaten, protein must first be digested and split into its component amino acids. The body can then use these amino acids with the protein as it needs. The value of the protein is then in the amino acid composition. There are twenty-three different amino acids and only fifteen can be produced by the body and the other eight must be derived from the foods we eat and they are called “essential”. There are no essential amino acids in flesh and this must be derived from the plants we eat – either directly or indirectly from the animals that eat plants.

Fuel is built from carbohydrates. Meat has no carbohydrates so there is no fuel value. Fats may supply energy but has a less efficient digestive process and fats may only be converted into energy when the body’s carbohydrate reserves have been depleted. When and excess of carbohydrates has been eaten it is converted by the body into fat and stored. The fat deposits can be viewed as a carbohydrate bank where deposits and withdrawals can be made as needed.

We can assist our body’s change with our thoughts as the minds power is so immense that Science has shown that it can change the structure of water. If we change our thoughts in a more positive way thinking kindly of our new bodies, it will also program it accordingly. If you are not daring enough to do just that, we have you also covered on that one: neuro-linguistic programs that will help to program you subconsciously for success! If you truly believe that you can do something – then you can! Every cell in your body has got its own intelligence and are just awaiting your instructions. We can consciously direct our cells to do what we want them to do and the conscious mind can get that message to every cell in our body. We can change our bodies by the way we are thinking about our bodies. If we love our bodies and desire health and beauty – then we will do everything possible to accomplish just that! Your cells are awaiting your instructions so give your body permission to lose weight!

Health should not depend on what others do for you, but what are you prepared to do for yourself.

Health is too important to leave it up to Science and if you have a high regard for life, it should be your personal responsibility to take care of your health. A good foundation for health and future medicine – would be a system to support wellness and not illness.

Our staff at Weight Loss Society are trained to handle all of your inquiries and to assist you on your road to success. We are confident that your health will also improve while you are on the journey to the new YOU. Call us now and let us help you to find the new YOU!


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